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Our goal is to help our client's lead successful lives free of financial stress. We believe that prudent financial counsel combined with a commitment to act, is the path to achieving ones goals. Our team members have earned advanced degrees and certifications, and engage in continual education so they can provide sage guidance. While we are proud of what we do and what we have achieved on behalf of our clients, it is our core values that motivate us and separate us from the crowd.


Research & Commentary

Neuberger Berman: The Two Sigma Problem - Over the long term, three of the best indicators of how expensive or cheap stocks look are: the Shiller Price/Earnings ratio, Tobin's Q ratio and the Market Cap to GDP ratio (a.k.a. the Buffet Index because it's his favorite yardstick).

Reviewing Levels Of Life Insurance Coverage - Have You Reviewed Your LIfe Insurance Coverage Lately?

Janney Investment Perspectives June 2015 - Janney's Chief Investment Strategist (Mark Luschini), Chief Fixed Income Strategist (Guy LeBas), and Chief Market Strategist (Greg Drahuschak) provide their thoughts on the stock and bond markets given the current U.S. and global economic environment.

The Importance Of Full Market Cycle Returns - Insightful commentary from FPA Funds that echoes our sentiment regarding the performance of a portfolio manager over time.

Diversification Still Matters - U.S. stocks significantly outperformed all asset classes last year and their cumulative performance over the last five years has been equally impressive. As a result, an investor that prudently practices portfolio diversification by investing in a multi-asset class portfolio would have underperformed the U.S. stock benchmarks. While diversification can sometimes cause underperformance relative to specific asset classes, we still view asset class diversification as a critical portfolio management tool and discuss our reasons why in the following piece.

The Old World Is New Again - Europe's economic conditions are improving and the ECB recently raised its forecasts for growth over the next several years.  This collectively confirms our prognosis that Europe is on a sustainable path to recovery, and already was before the European Central Bank launched European-style quantitative easing.

The Clark Group January 2015 Compass Review - Our Compass portfolios blend three strategies: 1. Globally diversified strategic portfolios focusing on value investing 2. Global tactical multi-asset portfolios focusing on relative strength investing 3. Alternative strategies.

RiverFront Investment Group - Outlook 2015 Highlights: The policy pendulum swings.  Rod Smyth (RiverFront's Chief Investment Strategist) discusses their outlook for 2015 while also taking a look back.

Fixed Income & Macro Outlook 2015: A Bad Case Of The What Ifs - Janney's Fixed Income Strategy Team provides it's thoughts on the 2015 economic outlook, interest rates, credit,  and municipals.

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