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Our goal is to help our client's lead successful lives free of financial stress. We believe that prudent financial counsel combined with a commitment to act, is the path to achieving ones goals. Our team members have earned advanced degrees and certifications, and engage in continual education so they can provide sage guidance. While we are proud of what we do and what we have achieved on behalf of our clients, it is our core values that motivate us and separate us from the crowd.


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Santas On The Slopes

Cheap Oil - What Is It Good For? - A major theme in 2015 will be the winners and losers of the collapse in oil prices. The winners will include oil consuming countries and industries, global consumers, and assets that benefit from low inflationary pressures. The losers will include oil exporting countries, the energy sector and industries that benefit from energy production. This piece explores the impact on countries, industries, and consumers of lower energy prices.

Fixed Income & Macro Outlook 2015: A Bad Case Of The What Ifs - Janney's Fixed Income Strategy Team provides it's thoughts on the 2015 economic outlook, interest rates, credit,  and municipals.

Liquidity And Your Portfolio - Since the beginning of the global financial crisis, the term "liquidity" has been thrown around a great deal - sometimes carelessly.  That said, the concept is of crucial importance to investors of all stripes.

Investment Insights From Mid-Term Election Results - The Republicans gained control of the Senate and will now control both chambers of Congress starting in January.  The following points are initial observations of the results.

Is It Time To Overweight European Stocks - 45-year industry veteran, Thomas S. White, examines why we believe a convincing case can be made for Europe to outperform the S & P 500 over the next 18-months.

Diversification Works - For the last three years the US stock market has been performing much better than other global markets.  Investors based in the US who compare global portfolios to the S&P 500 may feel as if diversification is dampening their portfolio performance - and in the short run, it is.

Anticipating The Unexpected - The strategies you and your financial advisor put in place over the years can make all the difference to your lifestyle.  But these plans and preparations will also be a comfort and support to your family should something unexpected happen.


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