We Make Wealth Mangement Easy

Life as a senior executive in corporate America can be hectic, and managing your individual and family wealth should not add to your day-to-day stress.   Our wealth management process is designed to save you time and reduce stress so you can focus on your family and your work.

Our process unites all facets of your financial well-being so they are working for a common purpose, as defined by your goals.  To us, your success means considering income goals beyond your professional career, integrating retirement income planning, distribution tactics, charitable giving strategies and generational planning. 

The result is a well-oiled financial strategy, executed flawlessly, and monitored for success.  Your plan will adapt to changes in your life, as well as ever changing financial markets.

Our strategies are not for everyone and are typically best suited to corporate executives, pre-retirees within 3-5 years of retirement, and those who have recently retired.  We also have crafted a process for younger individuals who may not yet have a large amount of assets, but have exhibited superior savings habits and demonstrated a desire to achieve financial independence.

Careful consideration is given to prospective clients to ensure they are a good fit for our partnership.  At the same time, prospective clients are asked to take time to reflect on our services to make sure they are appropriate for their situation.  We believe this to be time well spent.

Those interested in learning more about how we make wealth management easy should contact Anne Marie Tobyne at (978) 716-2018 to arrange a meeting at your convenience.